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AETH Certification Program

What is certification?

AETH Certification has two purposes.

The first is to ensure that eligible Bible institutes operate according to standards of institutional and educational quality.

AETH certifies non-institute programs.

The second purpose of this certification is the academic and organizational improvement of institutions and their educational programs.

AETH certifies the programs offered by your institute at baccalaureate level, not your entire institute. 

Introduction to AETH Program Certification

What is AETH Program Certification? - Chapter 1

How to initiate Program Certification? - Chapter 2

Eligibility determination - Chapter 3

Decision on granting - Chapter 4

Decision on granting - Chapter 5

Questions & Answers about Program Certification

AETH Stories - Danny Santiago

Benefits of AETH membership

  • Certification of theological education programs of ministerial formation and Hispanic Bible Institutes. We are the only Hispanic organization recognized by ATS for this purpose.
  • Discounts on purchases in our online bookstore on Hispanic-focused titles, as well as the publishing and distribution of books and educational materials.
  • Partnerships with other institutions whose benefits are extended to AETH members.
  • Connections between members and information on opportunities and developments in the field of theological education.
  • Access to the Justo and Catherine González Resource Center.
  • Access to and discounts on conferences and meetings with national and international experts.
  • Dialogues and conversations on current issues through our virtual platform.
  • To be connected to the largest community of experts in Hispanic theological education.

What is the ATS?

The Association of Theological Schools

The Association offers a range of programs, services, research and other resources to support the work of administrators and faculty in member schools.

More than 270 theological schools in the United States and Canada make up the Association of Theological Schools. Member schools provide graduate academic and professional degree programs to educate persons for the practice of ministry and for teaching and research in the theological disciplines. These schools differ from one another in profound and significant ways, but, through their membership in the ATS, they demonstrate a commitment to shared values about what constitutes good theological education.

A mission
To promote the improvement and enhancement of theological schools for the benefit of faith communities and the general public.

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