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"Our website will be under maintenance for several days to improve its content and experience. Thank you for your patience!"

Inspiring Voices, Transforming Lives: Empowering and Unifying Preaching

And how are they to announce the message, if they are not sent? As the Scripture says:
"How beautiful is the coming of those who bring good news!" - Romans 10: 15 DHH


What does the Program do?

The Transformational Preaching initiative seeks to nurture and train preachers from the Hispanic and Latino church to enhance congregational vitality and strengthen pastoral leadership for holistic ministry.

The program also seeks to improve our understanding of what is considered Transformational Preaching in the Hispanic and Latino context, and what kind of ongoing support preachers need to excel at it.

How do we do it?

Through intensive experiences and weekend events and virtual or face-to-face small group learning sessions led by experts in the field, Hispanic and Latino preachers will practice creating and delivering sermons that foster a thriving faith community that can express their faith in daily life and civic engagement.

Where do we do it?

Our intensive experiences and weekend events are designed to offer flexibility and accessibility, operating in a hybrid format that allows for both in-person and virtual participation. This means that attendees can choose to attend in person or connect from the comfort of their homes or workplaces, using digital platforms to participate in real time.

Spanish and English

The program is offered in both languages.

Hybrid Meetings

The content is taught both in person and virtually via Zoom.

Flexible Schedules

Study at your own pace, with personalized support and free orientation.


Participate in our program and become part of a network of leaders.


Who can benefit?

We focus on the development and support of first and second generation Hispanic and Latino leaders who play an active role in preaching, either on a weekly basis or on special occasions. Recognizing the diversity and unique challenges these leaders face, our initiative seeks to provide them with resources and specific training that resonates with their experiences and needs. In addition, we extend an invitation to the leaders who supervise and mentor these preachers to participate in our educational events.

Student Stories

We invite you to explore the stories of students who have been part of the Transformational Preaching program. Discover how the training and support they have received has made a significant difference in their pastoral leadership, enhancing their ability to communicate powerful and transformational messages. With each story, you will understand the profound influence our program has on strengthening the vitality of congregations and empowering effective leadership. 

Transformational Preaching

This initiative is a program led by a strategic alliance between the Association for Hispanic Theological Education and Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary and is funded through a 5-year grant from the Lilly Foundation for the period 2023-2027.

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