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Introduction to the Last Supper and the Banquet of Creation



Eliseo Perez


Abingdon Press

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Eliseo Pérez, with great creativity, weaves his book from the semantic field of the last supper; and just as the menu is so meticulous, so is Pérez's book full of interesting data and statistics of all kinds. Around the meal, the author weaves the present and the geopolitical, economic, cultural and ecological past. The whole menu is loaded with sacred and profane stories with their respective socio-cultural data. With great creativity, Eliseo Pérez weaves through the semantic field of the Last Supper. The Last Supper is filled with details, full of fascinating data and statistics - this book is meticulous in covering all of them. Closely examining this meal, the author parallels the present with the ecological, cultural, economic, and geopolitical past, and offers a look at the meal's histories, both sacred and worldly with its respective sociocultural data.